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Monogramming of your uniform distinguishs your brand so is very important. When you make a decision on uniform garment fabrics, colours etc., your logo design and colours needs to be examined at the same time if possible.

At Career Dressing & Hip Pocket we have the knowledge and know how to both advise you and then ensure the finished product is up to your expectation. The important items to note include:

  • Having made your garment selection, we then require an electronic image of your logo for quoting purposes. In general, layered vector formats (EPS, PDF) are best, JPGs can be used for some processes, but a good quality resolution image is required.
  • Size of the logo is important. Generally, when embroidering, text of below 3mm in height can be difficult to obtain a clear and legible finish.
  • Does your logo have a transition of colours? Can the colours be altered to get a better result? Will screenprinting be more feasible?

At Career Dressing & Hip Pocket we have the answers and would be very pleased to advise you accordingly.

For further enquiries, please contact us or submit your details below for a free quote!

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